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一位神经外科医生面对死亡(书评/翻译) 2023-03-19
亨利·马什 (Henry Marsh) 的新作“And Finally”检测了(医学)知识的局限性和舒适性。 A Neuroscientist Faces Death, and Learns Henry ...
赫尔曼·黑塞《荒原狼》(英文翻译版 书评) 2023-03-18
赫尔曼·黑塞(Hermann Hesse)的《荒原狼》,库尔特·比尔斯(Kurt Beals)翻译 The Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse, translated by Kurt Beals Janua ...
AI:我们应该有多“害怕”?(after GPT-4\'s released) 2023-03-17
原文: AI: How 'freaked out' should we be? By Anthony Zurcher Nor ...
关于咖啡因的真相(基于谷狗翻译) 2023-03-15
原文在这里: The truth about caffeine March 7, 202312:15 AM ET   美国东部时间 ...
疼痛是一种“生物心理社会现象”(基于谷歌翻译/续完) 2023-02-25
Ezra Klein I want to end by talking a bit about the brain itself and what all this implies for it. And I guess one thing to ask is why there i ...
疼痛是一种“生物心理社会现象”(基于谷歌翻译/续7) 2023-02-25
  Rachel Zoffness I do not think in any way that chronic pain is a stress disease. And I want to be very clear. We know that stress is a ...
疼痛是一种“生物心理社会现象”(基于谷歌翻译/续6) 2023-02-25
Ezra Klein Let’s talk a bit about some of those other pathways. So we talked about sensitization to pain. What does desensitization look like ...
疼痛是一种“生物心理社会现象”(基于谷歌翻译/续5) 2023-02-25
  Rachel Zoffness You bring up a really good point, which is about more than prediction, which is that emotions always impact the pain ...


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